Audacity...4 sounds to generate!? WTF!?

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Audacity...4 sounds to generate!? WTF!?

OK, so im nottoo sure how active these forums are,but im running linux (xandros or ubuntu, whatever the eeepc came with xp) so i have to run it with wine, yay for me, and some issues and questions have popped up.

-None of the images are showing, like play, stop and whatnot, theyre just gray boxes, any solutions?

-Is there a way i can set up something like a keyboard on this? im more used to that seeing as its what i play.
-How do i get more sounds, the ones it came with wont get me anywhere?

More questions will probably pop up as i think of them.
Help would be greatly apprecitaed seeing as this is pretty much my first music editing and creating program to play with.Thanks.