Audacity crashes when i try to use the Equalization

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Audacity crashes when i try to use the Equalization

When i highlight the track that I want to equalize, the program ( audacity ) just pops up an error message saying...

" Could not load file : C\Documents and Settings\??\Application Data\Audacity\EQCurves.xml "

How do I fix this problem. The last time I used audacity was nearly 4 months ago and all the effects including EQ was working perfectly.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?
If so, have any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Some other things too.

I already uninstalled my Audacity, i had version 1.0.3 unicode ( or something like that ) and I just downloaded the newer version 2.0.1. I am experiencing the same problem.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, I really just want this to work :P
I have a DEMO TAPE that I am trying to finish.

Thanks to anyone in advance, who is kind enough to assist me with my problem pertaining to this issue in audacity.