[Bug 286] Noise removal crashes

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[Bug 286] Noise removal crashes

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------- Additional Comments From [hidden email]  2008-05-19 15:07 -------
I can confirm this bug on ubuntu hardy i386.
Audacity crashes with segmentation fault.
Output from dmesg:
[  775.953302] audacity[6653]: segfault at 00000019 eip 081cb1de esp bfe6b230
error 4
[  802.274732] audacity[6669]: segfault at 00000019 eip 081cb1de esp bfd3ee50
error 4
[  859.723503] audacity[6714]: segfault at 00000019 eip 081cb1de esp bfcdc8d0
error 4
[ 1239.218973] audacity[10426]: segfault at 00000019 eip 081cb1de esp bfe67f80
error 4

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