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Bug fixes and new features checked in

Quick Mix renamed to "Mix and Render"
   Keeps track name the same if you just render
   More informative history/undo messages

Selection Bar
   Now correctly initializes the rate and end/length radio control.
   The end/length radio control is now saved as a preference.
   Modifying the selection bar now more or less works properly;
     it doesn't try to second-guess you while you're typing.
     Not perfect, but definitely usable.

Track Panel
   Double-clicking selects the current WaveClip if you're over one,
   otherwise the whole track.

   You can now move multiple WaveClips at once: if you click on a
   selected part of a clip, then every clip which intersects the
   selection moves simultaneously. Only horizontal moving is allowed.
   The selection moves along with the clips. Alternatively, if you click
   outside the selection, only the clip under the cursor (and its linked
   clip, if stereo) moves.

   Currently this doesn't work properly with multiple clips in a row
   horizontally (it works great for sliding clips from multiple tracks
   all at once); I will fix this soon.

- Dominic

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