CleanSpeech *appears* stuck sometimes (beta 1.3.5, Windows XP)

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CleanSpeech *appears* stuck sometimes (beta 1.3.5, Windows XP)

Jan Kolar-2

      CleanSpeech *appears* stuck sometimes (beta 1.3.5, Windows XP)
      This can be confusing for a beginner.

      In fact only an error message is missing
         (Record button when multiple windows, e.g.)
      and the buttons gray incorrectly.

  Jan Kolar

    with Properties -> CleanSpeech yes
    run audacity
        (*) do nothing in this window
              BUG: The record button is red, not gray (in both windows)
    button Record  (the second=newest window)
                   ( BUG: does not do anything, probably should give
message (M) bellow.
                     Only grays the record button. )
    R              ( just another attempt, this one gives message
                     Recording in CleanSpeech mode is not possible when
                     a track, or more than one project is already open.
    File-Close     (closing the first project, don't save if it asks)
                   (BUG: the record button remains gray.)
    button Record  ( does nothing, it is gray )
    R              (recording)
    R              (BUG: changes Record button from red to gray
                    - should be gray already or should not change.
         [Something was different when (*) noop was replaces by

    So: 1. message (M) should appear also for pressing Record by mouse
        2. Record button seems to be updated when it it pressed, not
           when circumstances change (like started recording, new
windows opened or closed)

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