Color agnosticism in the Manual for buttons

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Color agnosticism in the Manual for buttons

Peter Sampson-2
With the 2.2.0 default Light theme we have changed the colors of some of the
Transport Toolbar buttons.

To accommodate this - and to make us a bit more future-proof - I have made many
changes in the Manual today tp make it color-agnostic for the btton references in the
text and in the inage hovertexts.

I found a lot but doubtless did not find tham all - so if you find any others, please take
similar steps by removing the explicit color references. 

In many (most but not all) we do have images of the buttons - which does gives simple,
easy, future-proofing.  Please feel free to add further button images where there are
none, if you think it appropriate or needed.


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