Could be an interesting problem: reel to reel conversion to PC

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Could be an interesting problem: reel to reel conversion to PC

Hi  I have Audacity 1.2.4, with a PC: XP, SP3, 2Gb RAM, 120 HDD, plenty of disk space.  (Great program.)

I also have a ST458 Stellaphone (Philips) tape recorder, bought in 1964, in just about workable condition.  With it, I have a five pin to five pin connector, slightly different in size to Midi connections.

I would like to make a one-time recording off my tapes onto HDD, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

The machine doesn't have the standard size jacks, small and large. Instead it has five-pin outputs\inputs, i.e. Stereo. Microphone, Diode to 2nd recorder and headphones.

I don't have an amplifier. I tried to connect via a keyboard but not surprisingly that didn't work.

Recording from an audio-cassette player to PC is not a problem because the drivers are there, but I don't know if I need different drivers for this older machine.

And once that problem is solved, what do I need to connect from the tape recorder to the PC?

I would be grateful for any help on this task.  It would be useful perhaps to have a benchmark on this as I don't even know that my target is achievable.