Cut/Crop Audio results in unsupported Samsung Ringtone File

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Cut/Crop Audio results in unsupported Samsung Ringtone File


I ran into a problem today and after much (or a day's worth of)
troubleshooting, found my Samsung phone refusing to use audio files
as ringtones (ie. File error, "Unsupported File") after cutting or
cropping any large sections of audio from any audio file, regardless
of the file type exported to. (ie. AMR, MP3, M4A, ...)

I have found a workaround, only cut/crop very small sections of audio,
seems to allow my Samsung phone to use the resulting file as a ringtone.
Any larger sections of audio cut or cropped, again results with an audio
file unable to be used as a ringtone.  Albeit, the phone probably uses a
separate audio player for generally playing audio files, and the
cut/cropped audio files have no problems being played back using this
general audio player method that I know of.  The problem just occurs
when trying to use the file as a ringtone.

I could also just try recording what I record, and do a better job at
preventing recording extra audio, but this is very difficult if not

I have also tried exporting the files to PCM WAV 16 bit 44100Hz,
converting to compressed format (MP3 and M4A) using console FFMpeg and FAAC, and
still having an unusable ringtone file after larger sections are cut or
cropped, per Samsung's phone operating system.

Seems to be some header checksum indicating the size of the file being
augmented, or maybe a glitch when stitching the cut/cropped sections?  I
also tried keeping the very beginning and ending sections, but still
fails when larger sections are cut, suspecting a header checksum.

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