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Edit Toolbar can get truncated - zoom tools missing

Peter Sampson-2
Testing On W10 audacity-win-ra868d0c-2.2.0-alpha-10-apr-17 & 2.1.3

There is a slight problem to do with the removal of the Zoom button from the
Edit Tollbar when you run alpha and then run 2.1.3

1) Clear your .cfg files
2) launch alpha
3) Close alpha
4) launch 2.1.3
5) Observe that the Zoom part of the Edit Toolbar is truncated.
and you can't drag it to resize it.

Workaround is to use View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars.

This is a fringe case tha would only affect users who run the next release and
then go back to an earlier Audacity for whatever reason - but we should still
be fixing it.


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