Fisheye project for 2.1.4?

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Fisheye project for 2.1.4?

Paul Licameli
James has mentioned the "fisheye" I worked on as a possible feature for version 2.1.4.  Other suggested names are welcome, such as the "magnifier."

I had this project working in 2015. based on 2.1.1, but set it aside for a long time.  Lately I have reacquainted myself with my prototype and started the work of rebasing it onto later code.  So far I have rebased it onto the Audacity-2.1.2 tag in the git repository, so that at least it past the wx3 migration and is easier to build.

It is in a branch in my fork called fisheye-on-2.1.2 and the latest commit is c9adf2f.

If you want to build it and try it, here is a summary of the user interface changes.  Surely these details could be changed.  I developed this on Windows before considering convenience on the Mac touchpad.
  • Key F toggles fieheye on and off.
  • Key G plays the fisheye.
  • Interface preferences have some new controls affecting fisheye appearance, including a choice among three styles for drawing the edges of the fisheye.
  • If you scrub, fisheye follows the play head. (Remember to Ctrl+Click to scrub in 2.1.2.)
  • Shift + Ctrl/Command + mouse wheel, with pointer in the fisheye, changes its the screen width.
  • Ctrl/Command + mouse wheel, with pointer in the fisheye, changes magnification inside it.
  • You can edit samples with the draw tool in the fisheye if the inner magnification is great enough, even if you cannot outside the fisheye.
  • Right-click in the fisheye, mouse movement, and right-click again makes coarse adjustement of the fisheye -- shifting the magnified window against an immobile, less magnified background.
  • Right-click in the fisheye, drag, and release makes fine adjustment of the fisheye -- shifting a window into an immobile, high magnification view of the track, while the backgound may move to adjust.  (On Mac touchpad, control + three finger drag.)
  • Right-double-click in the fisheye recenters it about the clicked point.
  • Right-double-click and drag (possible to do on a Mac pad, with control key and pressure) makes "ultrafine adjustment" -- the display changes as with click-and-drag, but the fisheye moves slowly toward the mouse, not with it.


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