[Help] Audacity Crash on Mac Need advice on Recovery

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[Help] Audacity Crash on Mac Need advice on Recovery

Hi guys,

Love Audacity and have been using it for a while on my PC with out any issues but I have been using it recently on a OS X Mac version 10.5.8 Intel to record events and have run into some problems.

The computer is  a little used and abused so this might be part of it since its not really happy when it has to do a little bit of processing and I get that annoying pinwheel with usually spell's death.

So here is my problem, I recorded a show out of the sound board using Audacity 1.2.6a with about 45 mins of audio. I just let the computer sit idol then once the first act was over, I usually go to the computer, save the file as a .AUP close it and then open a new file for the next set and edit the file down later.

For the first set I saw that it was recording and taking in the audio while I watched the show and could see the screen moving so I know something was recorded.

Once he set was over I came over to the black screen moved the mouse to hit stop and then the pinwheel started moving and stayed like that for about 3 to 4 mins... Thats when I kinda new Audacity was crashing and decided to force quit the application since the next set was beginning. I then pulled up Audacity again, saw the temporary files thing, hit "no" to save the files to work on them later. Started recording again and didn't have any problems. After that 45 min set, I actually stopped the recording fine, and exported it as a wav and called it a day for that one.

Next set started in 3 mins so I pulled up a new file and started recording which lasted an hour and 30 mins with out any problems.

Now next day I am looking for the temp files in the Mac and I can't find them, I can find the .AU files from the second set, I can find files from the third set but I can't find them from the first set. Are they just gone? Can anyone offer some advice on MAC?

I tired to give all the info but if you need anything clarified then let me know...