Line in/Jack to Jack cable recording problem

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Line in/Jack to Jack cable recording problem

So I have been wandering for hours on Q & A forums to find how to record properly, but I did not find anything.

So, my problem is that I want to record from my Keyboard (the actual sound coming from it) to my computer.
I have a jack to jack cable, and I've tried to plug it in different ports, Line in ports, sound ports, microphone ports (I know I shouldn't plug it in there but I don't know how to do!) yet nothing works.

Every time I try to record, I get the message " Error while opening device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate".

So, I changed the sample rate so it can match my cable, but it still does not work. I can't hear anything.

This is how far I got.. and I would really appreciate a little help!

Thank you!