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MIDI (and Allegro) Playback documentation

Peter Sampson-2
So, today I have been working on the documentation for Note Track playback.

1) I generalized references to be Note Track playback and added in references
to playback of Allegro throughout (having tested Allegro playback).

2) I increased the visibilty of Note Tracks by moving their link on the front page
into the "Audacity Foundations" section (out of the "Additional Track types).

3) I decided to move the instructions on enabling Note Track playback with a
software synth for Mac and Linux to the Wiki:
There is also a parent page in the Wiki - which is WIP and an orphan for now:
I decided in the Wiki rather than the manula for two reasons
a) these are platform instructions *not* Audacity instructions
b) it gives us the flexibility to change our advice even after the 2.2.0 Manual is published

4) with the Mac instructions
I simplified these retaining just the software synth (SimpleSynth) instructions
The IAC driver material, which we appear not to need to enable Note Track playback
on Mac has been parked/archived on the talk page

5) This is the main Playback & Recording page updated

6) Note Tracks intro has been updated for playback and generalized to include Allegro

7) Note Tracks playback section has been generalized to include Allegro

8) I updated Import/Export Preferences for Note Track Playback
I commented in a parallel thread about odd changes to the Allegro section.


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