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Mac zip or not?

James Crook
As RM I'm planning that the current GitHub HEAD which builds Audacity
dmg with a plug-ins directory inside the app will be how we release
2.1.3 on Mac.

IF we do do that, I see little to no advantage in having a Mac zip too.  
It too would contain an app with a plug-ins directory in the app.

The one significant difference is that the zip does not contain the
manual, and so is smaller.  I don't think that is a strong enough reason
to continue providing the zip.  Both zip and dmg are file systems, and
individual files can be examined / extracted from either.

On Windows it is a little different as the installer for Windows makes
it hard to examine the internals without running the installer itself.  
So I am not proposing to remove the windows zip for 2.1.3

Am open to arguments for keeping the Audacity zip for Mac.  If none,
then we'll be dmg only on mac.
Note that we might be providing both a release dmg and a debug dmg this
time, which we have not done before.


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