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Maximum *Table* size

Is there any reason why the size of *Table* is limited to 100,000 samples?
In this day and age a 2 second limit on the size of a wavetable seems
rather small.

I'm aware that there's other ways to do this, but with a larger
*Table* size it would be really easy to perform frequency modulation
of tracks with something like:
(fmosc 0.0 (scale vib-depth (hzosc vib-speed)) (list s 0 nil) 0)
Currently this works fine, but is limited to about 2 seconds (100000 samples)
I'm sure there are plenty of other situations where a larger *Table*
size would come in useful.

If done tests with *Table* sizes of up to 1,000,000,000 without any
apparent adverse effects.
It's a very simple code change - just line 136 in sound.h
- #define max_table_len 100000
+ #define max_table_len 100000000

Unless there's some reason that I've missed as to why this is a bad
idea, how about increasing the maximum *Table* size?


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