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Minor bug fixes

I checked in three minor bug fixes to HEAD:

1. Fixed a bug where trying to edit the envelope of a stereo pair  
where only one of the two channels is visible would crash.  (This was  
introduced by the WaveClip code, because it's possible that one track  
has a clip there and the other doesn't...in addition to checking for  
this case, to make the envelope work properly too, both in a stereo  
pair must be drawn even if only one is visible.)

2. Opening or importing multiple files now loads the filenames in  
sorted order.  It was annoying me to drag Track1.wav ... Track8.wav  
to Audacity and having them import in some completely random order  
every time (on the Mac).

3. Collapsing or expanding a track ('minimizing', internally in the  
code) now adjusts the vertical scroll bar, as it should.

- Dominic

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