New effect plug-in: Linear flanger

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New effect plug-in: Linear flanger

David R. Sky
linearflanger.ny - Linear flanger
linearflanger-e.ny - European version

Unlike a regular flanger (which cycles up and down repeatedly),
this plug-in creates a single high-frequency flange, and you can
set the position of that high-frequency point, anywhere between the
start and end of the selection, and beyond these points.  works on
mono and stereo audio.


1. High frequency flange position (percent) - if set to 0%, the
high frequency will be at the start of the selection; at 50% it
will be in the exact  middle; at 100%, it will be at the end. If
you set this value below 0% or above 100%, you won't hear the
highest flange frequency peak but will hear a falling or rising
flange effect, as if the peak lay outside the start or end of the

2. Time decrease (milliseconds) - this plug-in works by mixing the
original selected audio with a slightly shrunk (shorter) version of
itself. The decrease value is how much the length of the original
selection is decreased.

3. Wet level - the 'wet' signal is the original signal which has
been shortened, and the wet level is how much (in percent) to mix
with the dry (unaltered) audio.

4. Wet: inverted or positive - sets whether the wet signal is
inverted before mixing with the dry signal. Setting to inverted
gives a 'softer' effect.

Written by David R. Sky, December 7, 2005
Released under terms of the GNU Public License

Other Nyquist plug-ins are freely available for download from:

linearflanger.ny (3K) Download Attachment
linearflanger-e.ny (4K) Download Attachment