Perhaps a audio file to say how Audacity is pronounced

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Perhaps a audio file to say how Audacity is pronounced

I think i have always thought about how to pronouce Audacity because its
not really a word i ever hear.

So i was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to make a little audio
clip that can be played on the website with HTML5 player and maybe
included in Audacity as a little example audio clip so that people have
a audio file to test with if they dont otherwise have an audio file on
the computer they can find.

Like i remember Linus says "... and i pronouce Linux, Linux" in a small
audio file.
This one:

Also sometimes when i want to test the translation in Audacity i need to
have some audio for the menus to be enabled. Then i try to record
something but that does not always work if an audio device is not
selected and the recorded audio is silence so not really something to
work with. So maybe it would be nice to have a little audio file to do

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