Please Help Me Recover Audio!

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Please Help Me Recover Audio!

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Hello there!

I'm not very techi or experienced with Audacity. I just recorded an hour worth of audio without saving and my computer crashed! I really need this audio! When I open Audacity it gives an "Automatic Crash Recover" message with the option to Recover Projects. When I hit "Recover Projects" I get this error message: "not well-formed (invalid token) at like 3465". Also I've downloaded the Audacity Recover Utility, but once I hit "Start Recovery" from my directory location, it says the location "does not contain any audio files to be recovered."

Within this location, I have a project folder. Within that, a folder called "e00". Within that, 10 other folders. And within each of those, a bunch of .au files. I've tried pasting the path that goes directly to one of these folders that have the .au files, but then I get an error message as well.

There must be a way to recover my hour of audio, I see that people successfully recover unsaved projects all the time.

Thanks in advance!