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Prefs dialog for exporting Allegro files

Peter Sampson-2
I've just been working on some updates on the Import/Export prefs page

and I note that someone has changed the worrding fot the section on the
export of Allegro files into mangled hard to comprehend English/

It was much better as it was befor in 2.1.3

In 2.2.0 we now have
Exported Allegro (.gro) files save time as
* Seconds
* Beats

In 2.1.3 we have
When exporting track to an Allegro (.gro) file
* Represent times and durations in seconds
* Represent times and durations in beats

Now I am not a fan of over-wordiness, I like brevity, but is seems to me that the 2.1.3 version:
a) is clearer in intent
b) is better English
c) is more consistent with the other two sections of that dialog.

Are we too late to revert this for 2.2.0 ?


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