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Jimi Photon
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Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 16:48:50 +1000
Subject: [Audacity-users] audacity- editor and/or multitrack recorder
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Hello everyone,
I have posted this before but as no-one answered me I'll post it again.I =
have keyboards, guitars and drum machines and am trying to record full =
original songs. What happens is that on the fifth track, although i play =
perfectly in time my recorded material is recorded way out of time.I =
have a state of the art computer with xp and a Soundblaster Live 7.0 =
I have tried recorded a few tracks, exporting them as a wave, shutting =
down and rebooting, importing the wave and recording new tracks but to =
no avail.
Can Audacity do this or is it just an editor ?


hey man,
audacity works great for multi tracking....
you've encountered the phenomenon of LATENCY, is all...
use the time shift tool to "drag" the offending track
forward/backwards in time til it lines up....
use the magnify tool, click it 7 or 8 times so ya can clearly  see the
spikes where the accents are to align them timewise...
i usually go for a downbeat, and usually not the very first one in a it a better chance to lock in the groove if ya do it a
little later in the song...
as an extra bonus, the time shift tool can make ya the master of the
groove...ya can drag a track ahead/behind/on top of the beat til stuff
sounds great.
i'm doing an album with audacity, it can definitely be done...
check or for examples...
good luck, and happy tracking!!

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