Some crashes on Linux and Mac, probably P2

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Some crashes on Linux and Mac, probably P2

Not documented yet  - just mentioned so James knows.

1) If an LV2 effect is added to a Chain and the Parameters
   are edited it will probably crash. All the MDA LV2's I tried
   crash in this way for me on Mac. All the swh LV2's I tried
   crash in this way on Mac and Linux, *if* there is no
   corresponding LADSPA version of the plugin enabled.

   If both LADPSA and LV2 versions are enabled, both versions
   are shown as LADSPA when you edit their parameters in the
   Chain - possibly related.

   Auto-Wah crashes in this way on Linux.

   NOT a regression on 2.1.2 AFAICT.

2)  Intermittent assertion and crash on Linux (whether you
     Stop or Continue) if you change language from English to
     German and back to English. You may need to restart
     Audacity between language changes to see the assertion.


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