The updated Translations Received for 2.1.1 (Thanks!)

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The updated Translations Received for 2.1.1 (Thanks!)

James Crook
Thank you to all translators.

We have 14 updated translations going into 2.1.1.

Unfortunately the Swedish translation (received yesterday) was built
from a pot file created in 2013, and so that update isn't being
included, but the others look to be created correctly from the pot file
of 14-Jun-2015.

These are the updated translations I have just committed to GitHub which
will be in 2.1.1.

Translations already received via GitHub
uk - Ukranian - Yuri Chornoivan

Translations received via this -translations email list
da - Danish - Thomas Breinstrup
fi - Finnish - Heino Keränen
ro - Romanian - Cristian Secară
zh - Chinese - zhangmin
es - Spanish - Antonio Paniagua Navarro
ca - Catalan - Francesc Busquets
(hu - Hungarian - Balázs Úr ) <- Already updated in GitHub for 2.1.1.

Translations received via Transifex
de - German - Daniel Winzen
tr - Turkish - Kaya Zeren  (this was tr_TR, but the previous version was
called tr.po so I stayed with that).
nl - Dutch - Thomas De Rocker
sr_RS - Serbian - Thomas De Rocker
pl - Polish - Andrzej Supermocny
fr - French - Tubuntu

Again Thank You all.


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