Undesired levelling and clipping on Import

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Undesired levelling and clipping on Import

whenever i import music from my library into Audacity, the levels seem to be increased, leaving the waveform covered in anything from just a few to a plethora of red clipping lines

severe clipping after audio import

the music is most definitely mastered at a 0.0 dB limit, as much of it comprehends mp3s i've bought from beatport, or personal CD rips

it's a waste of time having to normalize every single track imported, and even then i will, in many cases, be left with a few stagnant lines, that have to be remedied manually

it's really slowing down the efficiency of my efforts, especially when workin on multiple files...

i've tested this with both mp3 files and a couple of wavs, going from version 1.2.6, to 1.3.13, and finally 1.3.14, results being all the same in every case...

is it possible prevent this import levelling from happening, or could it be a bug ?

Windows XP Pro SP3
Realtek AC97 Audio (latest driver)
DirectX 9.0c