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WaveClip problems


I'm having problems with WaveClips.  If I split a track and then play  
it, I sometimes hear an audible "click" at the split point.  In fact,  
if I run "Quick Mix" (soon to be renamed) and zoom in at the split  
point, I can see that sometimes there will be a single sample of  
silence between the clips.

In retrospect, this wouldn't have been an issue if I had measured  
track offsets in samples, instead of fractional seconds.

However, I think it will be possible to work with the current system  
and fix this problem.  I haven't quite figured out what's causing the  
numerical imprecision, though.  I understand if you drag a clip and  
slide it back - but I don't understand yet how "split" is losing a  
sample.  let me know if you have any thoughts, otherwise I'll dig  
into it more later today.

- Dominic

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