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I am new here and since I selected audacity for my program of choice, I thought I would join this list.

When I ssay new, I am straight out the gate new when it pertains to audio recording and editing, so please bare with me while I ask questions that might irritate or test patience.  I’m studying as I go btw, so not to confuse I’m here to get training.

What can people tell me about what I should have for starters pertaining to plug ins for audacity, and my other question is why when I export to mp3, the entire song doesn’t play when I play the mp3 file?

I imported a song, then I did left and right bracket to mark what I wanted to delete, I exported the audio to save on my computer, but when I play it back, the entire song doesn’t play, just about 30 to 45 seconds. Is this common when exporting as mp3?

Thank you and I look forward to learning



Kimsan Song

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