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Matteo Sisti Sette
Hi list,

I was going to report a bug, and before I do that, I was going to search
the archives of the mailing list to see if it has already been reported.

To my great surprise, if I go to the mailing list info page and click on
the link to the archive, it brings me to an awful interface which allows
me to browse the archive in many ways but doesn't seem to allow me to do
any kind of search (or is there some "search" button that I am not seing?)

How do you usually search the archives??

By the way I've noticed that some of the messages in the archives have a
[Bug 123] header in the subject, as if they were reported using some
kind of bug-tracker which automatically posted them to the list too, but
I couldn't find any bug tracker in the Audacity SourceForge page, only a
link to this mailing list.......


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